Who we are?

Frogelo is a united team that develops electronic products for those in tourism sector. Working with the largest players in the tourism market allows us to expand our boundaries, to constantly improve and offer our customers a wide range of options and opportunities.
Our team is ready to implement your vision and to develop an individual project focused on the specific business peculiarities and tasks. There are a lot of opportunities and choices in today’s business world, thus, we focus on quality rather on quantity, in order to gain confidence and long-term cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we do not restrict ourselves to creation of an individual system according to the needs of the client. On the contrary, we strive for continuous and smooth work in the long run. Frogdom booking systems is a great tool in a competitive struggle that will help to automate your work processes, to manage them easily, and to effectively increase your sales.

Why is Frogelo the best choice for you?

  • Many years of experience, knowledge, skills, and a wide range of partners across Europe significantly expand our possibilities to offer our customers the best possible solutions.
  • Our booking system is an opportunity to carry out all your business processes on a single platform: to create travel products, to monitor the flow of bookings, to work with customers and suppliers, to conduct electronic or regular trading, to maintain finances, to manage accounting, and to control other processes.
  • The flexibility of our booking systems allows to find and book tickets and tours in a prompt manner.
  • The possibility to integrate the search for hotels will allow to offer a wider range of options for your customers and plan the tour in more convenient and quicker manner. It is worth mentioning that we only cooperate with reliable hotels, which give comprehensive description, so it will be easy for your customers to get an opinion and make a decision. Awareness is one of the most important criteria.
  • Our booking system is suitable for both large and small entities wishing to effectively expand their business and offer only quality and reliable services to their customers.

Characteristics of the booking system:

  • uniqueness – focus towards companies, agencies, tour operators, and private entities;
  • no customer registration is needed – time is saved;
  • wide range of route creation options, for example, one-day routes, multi-day routes, exotic trips with tour, etc.;
  • wide range of hotels, therefore, all customers, even the most demanding ones, will find the hotel that fits their needs best, and the tour operator will conveniently combine its routes with accommodation establishments; 
  • uninterrupted booking – 24 hours a day;
  • user-friendly booking system, thus, no special skills are required, it is easily understandable even for those whom a computer is not “the best friend”;  
  • immediate confirmation of hotel booking;
  • additional benefits – a wide selection of special discounts and offers (for example, lower price to each second customer, early sale of the first places (certain number) for the certain price, etc.);  
  • multi-language system, thus, a broad audience is reached;
  • the system is easy to integrate, it is designed for convenient transfer of data to the website or e-commerce platform (we will help to adapt to changes, while moving from the old system to the new and modern one).  

Our secret of success is the declared values, the top ones of which include the growth of our customer business and the convenience of their clients, as well as the principles we are following in design of the products.  What are these principles? First of all, awareness that each market is unique, and it is very important to identify the peculiarity and needs of each of them. We are following the fact that the things, liked by German, would be hardly liked by a fastidious French man.  Therefore, when developing products for the tourism market, we analyze, identify and evaluate the specifics of the countries, customer preferences, expectations, and desires. Secondly, we are able to prove that the winner is not necessarily one, i.e., everyone wins by using our booking system: you, your clients and we, since, in our opinion, the best winning is recognition and justification of our booking systems.